Welcome to Binge-Watching 101

The beat I have selected to cover during this Multimedia Reporting course is binge-watching.

As a millennial who ended my cable subscription years ago, I am well versed in binge-watching. During this semester, I plan to cover a myriad of topics related to binge watching.

This website will discuss the experience of going from cable to internet-based TV viewing, including cost comparison. We’ll cover the different devices used for internet TV like the Amazon Fire TV Stick or the Google Chromecast. This site will talk about the differences in binge-watching on different platforms, like Netflix, Amazon Prime or network TV sites. During this semester, I hope to also talk about the health impacts of binge-watching. We can also explore the connection between binge-watching and my generation, and how it differs from previous generations. Finally, we’ll cover the shows that I have enjoyed binge watching the most and why.

I look forward taking a deep dive into binge-watching during this semester of Multimedia Reporting. 


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