5 shows you need to binge-watch next

As a person who cut my cable cord years ago, it did take me a while to transition from cable to digital viewership. One of the biggest transitions was going from having several TV channels with planned programming on at all times, to making my own choice about what to watch and when.

Admittedly, this left me stupefied at times.

After I watched the last minute of the last available season of a TV show, I would sit in bewilderment wondering what to watch next. Most digital TV platforms will give the viewer a suggested list of similar shows to watch next. But personally, sometimes I don’t have the desire to watch a program with a similar genre or format after already watching hours of it. I think it’s useful to have a list of shows you may want to binge-watch next, ready and available so you won’t have to wonder.

Here’s a list of 5 shows you need to binge next.

1. Good Girls Revolt

Photo credit: @GoodGirlsRevolt Twitter account

Get ready for girl power galore. Based on true events at Newsweek, a group of women in the 1960’s who work at fictional publication “News of the Week,” are denied the same jobs as men. The women unite to file a lawsuit. The show is streamed on Amazon Prime. There is only one season available, but the episodes are nearly one-hour long.

Unfortunately, it was cancelled by Amazon, but the show’s producers, Sony Pictures Television, are trying to get it picked up by another outlet.

2. Narcos

Photo credit: @NarcosNetflix Twitter account

This gritty drama is based on the life of Pablo Escobar, Colombian drug kingpin, and the detectives who bring him to justice. Two seasons of “Narcos” are available on Netflix. Much of the show is in Spanish, so be prepared to read subtitles. The episodes are one hour.

3. Insecure

Photo credit: Insecure Facebook

Fans of the viral YouTube series, “The Misadventures of AWKWARD Black Girl” will love HBO’s new comedy series, “Insecure”. The show follows an African-American young professional’s messy love life. You can stream it on HBO GO. With short 30 minutes episodes and only one season, you should be able to binge Insecure in one sitting.

4. This is Us

This Is Us - Season 1
Photo credit: NBC.com

You’ll want to binge-watch this one with a tissue box near. “This is Us” chronicles the life of a family with emotional surprises in every episode. The show has not finished airing it’s first season, but have been guaranteed a season two and three. Watch the hour-long episodes on NBC.com.


5. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation
Photo credit: NBC.com

All seven season of NBC show “Parks & Rec” are available on Netflix. Follow the life of Leslie Knope as she navigates public service and her small town’s parks department. The comedy show’s content is light enough to stream while cook, clean or handle another household task, but you’ll quickly find yourself emotionally attached to the entire cast.



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