Social Media: Pages to follow to keep up with latest shows to binge-watch

The three most popular online streaming services are Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. You can keep up with your chosen streaming platform on social media. Each streaming service’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages allow viewers to find out about new shows or keep up with favorite show’s return dates. Here are three accounts you need to follow to keep up with the latest shows you can binge-watch.

  1. Netflix’s Facebook page

Netflix posts content promoting their latest shows on their Facebook page. The account often posts articles about Netflix shows written by publications. This post is a video briefly introducing viewers to the chefs in the new season of “Chef’s Table.” The video received over 70 comments and the Netflix account even responded to come commenters!

Hulu also has a Facebook page, but their Instagram also produced great content. They post videos and a variety of images, including panoramas and banners using multiple image psots. To spread the word about “Golden Girls” now streaming on Hulu, the streaming service posted a GIF of Blanche, one of the characters. Hulu used the hashtag #GoldenGirlson Hulu. The post was viewed more than 6,000 times. 

You just got Blanched. #GoldenGirlsonHulu

A post shared by Hulu (@hulu) on

  1. Amazon Video on Twitter

The Amazon Video Twitter account tweets multiple times a day about available content. They use photos, videos and GIFs in tweets to promote shows. There are separate Twitter pages for some Amazon original shows like “Patriot,” or “Hand of God.” This tweet promotes a newly available movie, “Mr. Church” starring Eddie Murphy. They used a photo of Murphy in the tweet and received nearly ten likes (previously known as favorites.)

Follow these social media accounts and you won’t miss a moment of binge-watching action!


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